Plush Animals

Plush Animals

Plush stuffed animals add that special something to your arrangement.

  1. Colorful Sherbert Teddy Bears

    What's Spring without a Sherbert Bear to love? Learn More
  2. "Gus" the SLIDE Dog

    New and exciting for kids of all ages! Learn More
  3. Teddy Bear by Gund

    Traditionally soft and perfectly-sized at this price! Learn More
  4. Angel Plush Bears

    When just a hug from an angel is all someone needs. Learn More
  5. Hoppy The Frog Plush

    "I'd crook without you" is the underlying message with 8" plush frog. Learn More
  6. "Smiley Girl" with MaryJanes

    Sooooooo cute...with her black MaryJane shoes!!!! Learn More
  7. "A LARGE BrownTeddy Bear" Plush

    This large teddy bear is stuffed to 21" of soft light brown sweetness! Learn More
  8. "Steven" Brown Teddy Bear

    This 11" sitting brown bear with a light brown muzzle is sure hugged long into the year. Learn More
  9. Colorful Birthday Musical Teddy Bear

    This 15" soft, cuddly and oh so colorful teddy bear sings "Happy Birthday To You" you won't have to! Learn More
  10. KISS ME Frog

    Crazy fun for a crazy low price! Learn More
  11. Pearl the Pig Plush

    For the little piggy lover we all know! Learn More
  12. GUND Teddy Bear

    Some sweet and cuddly gifts just can't be forgotten... Learn More
  13. LARGE GUND "My First Teddy" Teddy Bears

    Welcome little ones with a sweet pink or tan teddy bear with embroidered paw pad... Learn More
  14. "You're a Fox" Plush

    We know you've got one...a foxy mate! Learn More
  15. "I Wuf You" Plush Puppy

    The cutest love-themed puppy plush ever! Learn More
  16. Alpine Fabric Owl Plush

    Some gifts just can't be forgotten... Learn More
  17. Ellen the Elephant Plush

    For the "elephant-lover" we all know! Learn More
  18. Rainbow Unicorn Plush

    For the one who understands the power of a unicorn! Learn More
  19. "You are so Hot" Fireman Plush Bear

    Tell your Valentine how you really feel... Learn More
  20. Sherbert Plush Teddy Bears

    So Cute...So Colorful...And so perfect at 10" tall!!!! Learn More
  21. Kitty Cat Plush

    The cutest 8" bean-bag kitty cat on the market! Learn More
  22. Fabric ROOSTER Shelf-sitter Plush

    These muslin fabric rooster shelf sitters, with floppy legs, are soooooo cute!! 16 1/2"H X 6"W X 5"D; 9" Sitting Learn More

    Plush grey hippo with pink satin a one of a kind gift! 12"H; 8 1/2"Sitting Learn More

    Soft brown and tan mixed fur bear plush with cream muzzle and feet...makes this cutie ever so lovable. 15" H x 9" W x 10" D. 12" H sitting Learn More