Get Well & Illness

  1. "Chase the Clouds Away" Bouquet

    Sometimes the best medicine of all is a vase of beautiful fresh flowers! A seasonal mixture of flowers will chase away the clouds fast. Learn More
  2. Our "Floral Cookie" Dish Garden

    TWO GOURMET COOKIES (shaped as flowers) make this low bowl or basket filled with living plants even more comforting and compassionate! Learn More
  3. Our "Love you More" Bouquet

    You tell her this all the time...NOW SHOW HER with this amazing fresh romantic bouquet! (MUGS NOT INCLUDED) Learn More
  4. Our "Bad Hair Day" Vase Bouquet *** With Fabric Hat

    Let her know you're thinking of her with a beautiful get well bouquet...and a lovely feminine hat to wear the moment somebody comes to visit! LOL Learn More
  5. "Healing Get Well Love" Bouquet by FTD

    The Healing Loveā„¢ Bouquet is a wonderful way of offering a get well wish! Learn More
  6. Our "Vibrant Vibes" Bouquet

    This colorful bouquet is "pretty perfect" for any occasion...because it's a toss-up as to which the recipient will enjoy more... Learn More
  7. Our "Blooms with Buddies" Bouquet

    Who wouldn't love an amazing fresh floral bouquet with an adorable plush to hug for days to come? Learn More
  8. Our "Colorful Claudette" Bouquet

    With this eye-catching, golden-yellow glazed butterfly cube, every coffee table, desk, kitchen counter or hospital room... Learn More
  9. Hand-painted "Super Nurse" Gift

    It will be an appreciated keepsake to keep around all year long! Learn More
  10. "Mother is..." Mylar Balloon

    Don't just tell mom you love her! Learn More
  11. "Love You Mom" Mylar Balloon

    Don't just tell mom you love her! Learn More
  12. Grandpa Mylar Balloon

    Don't just tell Grandpa you love him! Learn More
  13. Our "Healing Tea" Bouquet

    Two gifts in one...beautiful fresh unique flowers in a 6" glass bubble bowl or cube AND gourmet healthy herbal tea... Learn More
  14. Our "Antique Car" Dish Garden Planter

    This petite lush dish garden of assorted living plants says, "You're a Classic," like no other gift! Learn More
  15. "Bubble Bowl" Mixed Seasonal Flowers

    When just an assorted mixed seasonal cut flowers designed in a natural like setting in a glass bubble bowl... Learn More
  16. Grandma Mylar Balloon

    Don't just say, "Love you, Grandma" it too! Learn More
  17. Our Craft Garden Collection

    An outdoor garden brought inside! Learn More
  18. Our "Floral Gem" Bouquet

    An "uplifting" moment is always in season! Learn More
  19. "My Chickadee" Bouquet by Teleflora

    A oh-so-cute keepsake filled with fresh spring daises and more... Learn More
  20. A Tapestry of Color Bouquet

    Can't deny it...if ever there was a "feel good" presciption, it's this gift! Learn More
  21. Pickup Bouquet

    Drive home your "get well" message! Learn More
  22. Get Well Soon

    Get Well Soon Mylar Foil Balloon $6.00 each. Add a mylar balloon to your order. Actual balloon may vary from the one shown. Learn More
  23. Our Vivid Tropical Arrangement

    Bright-colored and long-lasting tropicals are as vivid as your get well wishes. Learn More
  24. "Our Thoughts and Prayers" Mylar Balloon

    Add an 18" mylar balloon: Only $6 Learn More
  25. "Flower Me Crazy" Bouquet

    Our exclusive flower cart basket filled...with $20 refills! Learn More
  26. Tropical Medicine Bouquet

    Tropical flowers are the boldest way to cure all ailments. Learn More
  27. Rootin' For "You" Bouquet

    It's a two-fold gift. Learn More
  28. Our "Baha Beat" Tropical Arrangement

    Inspired by the baha beat of steel drums, this vertical contemporary bouquet is perfect for table top, end table or hospital windowsill. Learn More