Kid's Page

  1. Our "Ice Cream Cone" Bouquet

    Mixing fun and flowers is what we do best! Send this giant ceramic ice cream cone (with ceramic spoon) filled with fresh flowers and enjoy smiles and smiles of smiles. $39.95, 49.95 and 59.95 Learn More

    Soft brown and tan mixed fur bear plush with cream muzzle and feet...makes this cutie ever so lovable. 15" H x 9" W x 10" D. 12" H sitting Learn More

    Plush grey hippo with pink satin a one of a kind gift! 12"H; 8 1/2"Sitting Learn More
  4. Kitty Cat Plush

    The cutest 8" bean-bag kitty cat on the market! Learn More
  5. Our "Blooms with Buddies" Bouquet

    Who wouldn't love an amazing fresh floral bouquet with an adorable plush to hug for days to come? Learn More
  6. "Toodles" Baby Girl Monkey Plush

    The cutest 8" of sweetness you've ever seen! Learn More
  7. "Toodles" Baby Boy Monkey Plush

    The cutest 8" of sweetness you've ever seen! Learn More
  8. Rainbow Unicorn Plush

    For the one who understands the power of a unicorn! Learn More
  9. Believe in Unicorns Mylar Balloon

    This two-sided 18" Unicorn mylar is! Learn More
  10. Friends 'n Such Winnie the Pom Bouquet

    A wonderful way to make it a friendly day...with lots of fresh poms and other delights! Learn More
  11. "Dory" by Disney Mylar Balloon

    Most popular Disney balloon this year! Learn More
  12. Hoppy The Frog Plush

    "I'd crook without you" is the underlying message with 8" plush frog. Learn More
  13. Ford Pickup Truck by Teleflora

    What boy wouldn't love this authentic Ford pickup truck filled with fresh cut flowers? Learn More
  14. "Princess" Mylar Balloon

    Add an 18" mylar balloon: Only $6 Learn More
  15. "Gus" the SLIDE Dog

    New and exciting for kids of all ages! Learn More
  16. Happy Chick Bouquet by Teleflora

    This wonderfully appealing yellow chick ceramic keepsake is fulled with fresh spring daises and much more... Learn More
  17. Our Big Hit Bouquet

    This detailed ceramic baseball vessel of fresh flowers says, 'Atta Boy, Slugger!" Learn More
  18. Birthday Sparkler Vase with Balloon

    Take a birthday to brand new heights with this colorful arrangement of carnations, lilies, liatrus, etc., topped with a high-flying themed mylar balloon. $79.95 as shown $55.95 $95.95 $125.95 Learn More
  19. Butterfly Wishes Basket

    This whimsical gift with faux butterfly accents will be greeted with smiles and fascination from kids of all ages. Learn More
  20. Our Ballerina Vase

    She'll be on her toes with joy over this gift! Learn More
  21. Floral Party Cake

    This multi-colored profusion of flowers is uniquely arranged in the shape of a cake. Learn More
  22. Hug Me Bouquet

    Your hugs come to life in an adorable keepsake plush animal! Learn More