Farm, Vintage, Bohemian

Farm, Vintage, Bohemian

Photograph by Sarah & Ben
  1. Earth and Sky Fresh Succulent Arrangement

    This bouquet is all about the textural mixture of plant objects and unique fresh cut floral stems. Learn More
  2. Fabric ROOSTER Shelf-sitter Plush

    These muslin fabric rooster shelf sitters, with floppy legs, are soooooo cute!! 16 1/2"H X 6"W X 5"D; 9" Sitting Learn More
  3. Teleflora "Chevy Pickup" Bouquet

    This automotive '55 icon is a ceramic dream machine...filled with amazing fresh flowers! Learn More
  4. Our "Earthy Glazed Pottery" Vase

    Fresh sunflowers always make best-dressed list in any season! Learn More
  5. Blue Coal Bucket of Summer Rouge Bouquet

    Mother Nature's array of fresh summer blooms presents our designers with an amazing palette... Learn More
  6. Our "Center of Attention" Modern Centerpiece

    Sometimes the most elegant way to fill a classic, footed vase... Learn More
  7. Amazing Fresh Vase Arrangement AND Kantha Throw

    Mixing old with new is today's floral trend...where no two are alike...Blanket throw and fresh vase arrangement! Such a unique idea. Learn More
  8. "Best of Eden" Bouquet

    This unique heavy ceramic vessel is designed with individual openings for the beautiful fresh floral stems to sit. Learn More
  9. Love, Lunar and Lace Bouquet

    Lace, lace,'s all over this vase, vase, vase! Learn More
  10. FloraDora #12 - "Ginger Snap" Bouquet

    This beautiful arrangement of fresh larkspur, roses and more is a modern-day bohemian gift! Learn More
  11. FloraDora #18 - Earth and Sky Fresh Succulent Arrangement

    This bouquet is all about the textural mixture of plant objects and unique fresh cut floral stems. Learn More
  12. "A Flowers-Gone-WildFlowers" Bouquet

    Amazingly perfect for that special someone who is WILD about the natural beauty of fields of soft delicate blooms! Learn More
  13. FloraDora #14 - "Dori" Bouquet

    The boundless energy of color will burst into the eyes of the beholder! Learn More
  14. FloraDora #15 - Vintage Bliss Vase Bouquet

    Beautiful soft-colored spring flowers - accented by a vintage striped keepsake ribbon bow - make this gift stunningly perfect for any occasion! Learn More
  15. FloraDora # 6 - Vintage Fall Fruit Can Bouquet

    Inspired by the farm of yore, this amzing mix with fresh flowers... Learn More
  16. FloraDora #11 - "Enchanted Garden" Bouquet

    Wrapped in a collage of vintage-inspired botantical artwork... Learn More
  17. FloraDora #16 - "Modern Hobo" Vase Arrangement

    Our unflappable commitment to keeping our Plant Earth beautiful made us purchase these eco-friendly vases made from 100% recycled material. Learn More
  18. FloraDora # 2 - Botanicals in Burlap Vase Bouquet

    "Natural" all the way!!!!! Learn More
  19. FloraDora # 1 - Farm Chic Charm Bouquet

    It's simply itself...that makes this bouquet so charming! Learn More
  20. FloraDora # 7 - Southern Comfort Bouquet

    Riding on the coattails of a southern tradition...we're delivering fresh flowers in a hobnail glass vase with metal handle! Learn More
  21. Our "Down Home" Cowboy Boot Bouquet

    Tell her no one could ever fill her boots with this awesome 10" polyresin cowgirl boot vase of fresh spring flowers. Learn More
  22. FloraDora # 3 - Willow Picking Basket Door Decor

    Drive across the US in Autumn and you'll realize why ancient cultures looked at the earth and sky as perfect complements. Learn More
  23. FloraDora # 8 - A One-of-A-Kind Kantha Throw Blanket from India

    Traditional hand-quilted 60"x90" throws...with an exotic creative edge...add glimpses of another culture to your surroundings. Learn More
  24. FloraDora # 9 - Amazing Vase Arrangement Wrapped in a Kantha

    Mixing old with new is today's floral trend! Learn More
  25. FloraDora #10 - Kitchen Sink SILK Bouquet

    This "gardeny" silk in a large rustic aluminum can is a perfect everyday gift! Learn More