Cemetery Flowers

Cemetery Flowers

  1. Cemetery Cone

    Memories can be kept alive with this FRESH FLORAL or SILK PERMANENT cemetery cone. Learn More
  2. Tombstone Memorial

    In remembrance of a loved one. Designed with fresh flowers or with SILK flowers. Learn More
  3. Our Silk Permanent Funeral Basket

    We are able to recreate the sentimental feel of a funeral gift with longlasting permanent beauty - using silk/artifical flower stems. Colors may vary - just call us at 863-687-1783 to check on availability. $55.95, 65.95 shown, 75.95, 85.95 and up Learn More
  4. Rose Tribute

    A two-dozen fresh long-stem rose tribute. Learn More
  5. Our Heartstrings Funeral Basket

    Sympathy gifts for the grave are meant to nourish and soothe the family's tender hearts. This is a thoughtful gift to adorn the grave any time of year. Learn More
  6. Our Heart and Soul Funeral Urn

    In a beautiful display of color, this white urn (weatherproof urns may vary) is a heartfelt gift of caring concern. Learn More
  7. Sympathy Cross of Natural Birch Branches

    A natural birch cross decorated with colorful flowers offers faith and compassion in a simple yet beautiful way. Learn More
  8. Figurine Cherub with BIRD

    This resin kneeling cherub that is holding a bird in his hands and is so delightfully peaceful to look at. Learn More
  9. Tabletop Keepsake Cherub Angel Wreath

    This resin (made to look like aged concrete) kneeling cherub that is holding a bird in his hands and can be removed later... Learn More