Everyday Beauties

Everyday Beauties

  1. Our "Panama Beach Pitcher" Bouquet

    Inspired by classic Provencal style ceramics, this charming pitcher overflows with a luxurious mix of fresh cut flowers. Learn More
  2. Rainbow Unicorn Plush

    For the one who understands the power of a unicorn! Learn More
  3. Ellen the Elephant Plush

    For the "elephant-lover" we all know! Learn More
  4. Believe in Unicorns Mylar Balloon

    This two-sided 18" Unicorn mylar is truly...one-of-a-kind! Learn More
  5. Our "Earthy Glazed Pottery" Vase

    Fresh sunflowers always make best-dressed list in any season! Learn More
  6. Fall Blue Jangles Bouquet

    If ever there was a time for a teal glass vase and beautiful fresh fall blooms...it's now! Learn More
  7. Sundrop Centerpiece

    In the freshest hour with the quietest or most colorful hues... Learn More
  8. Our "Gnome Home" Dish Garden Planter

    Send your warmest regards with a dish garden with an added unique feature: a garden gnome! Learn More
  9. Our "Fairy Forest Garden" Planter

    Stunning varieties of fresh green plants are used to create our classic dish garden gift...PLUS the charm of a resin fairy figurine. Learn More
  10. Blue Coal Bucket of Summer Rouge Bouquet

    Mother Nature's array of fresh summer blooms presents our designers with an amazing palette... Learn More
  11. Our "Center of Attention" Modern Centerpiece

    Sometimes the most elegant way to fill a classic, footed vase... Learn More
  12. Mixed Mokara Orchids

    Long lasting and full of beauty... Learn More
  13. "An Optic Summer Beauty" Bouquet

    It's an optic floral illusion! Learn More
  14. Our "Sunny Summer Pitcher" Bouquet

    For a gift they'll never forget, send them BRIGHT AND HAPPY flowers in a yellow ceramic pitcher they'll use again and again... Learn More
  15. Our "Congo Beach" Bouquet

    Wherever your floral plans take you, be sure to order this amazing bouquet! Learn More
  16. Mokara Orchid Breeze Bouquet

    Thailand orchids can be found right here in Lakeland, Florida!!!!! Learn More
  17. "Violet" Bouquet

    A favorite look returns in a lovely new deep-violet colored, glass vase design. Learn More
  18. Our "Spring Brio Trio" Bouquet

    It's a petite gift that will long be remembered for hugs to come. Learn More
  19. Our "Baha Beat" Tropical Arrangement

    Inspired by the baha beat of steel drums, this vertical contemporary bouquet is perfect for table top, end table or hospital windowsill. Learn More
  20. "Flirting with Fabulous" Bouquet

    Anything that comes in a red glass vase - with a bold and beautiful fresh floral combination - is "everything-fabulous!" Learn More
  21. Our "Cobalt Blue" Glass Vase

    Choose from three different size looks in bright cobalt blue glass vases. Learn More
  22. Fall Birdhouse Bouquet

    Birds and wooden birdhouses always seem to bring a smile to everyone's face! Learn More
  23. Beauty in Boca Grande Bouquet

    Triple-petaled excitement...three large King protea blooms are the essence of this amazing bouquet! Learn More
  24. Our "Naturally Lovable" Fleur de Lis Bouquet

    If your Sweetie is sweet on all things natural, willowy and organic...is bouquet is the one for you and her! Learn More
  25. Ultimate Floral Gift - "Flowers for a Year"

    Flowers Every Month for a Year! It's the gift that keeps on coming! The lucky recipient receives a beautiful "Flower Cart exclusively-designed" bouquet of seasonal fresh cut flowers the first week of every month (or before a special day like birthday, anniversary, etc.) Six month plan also available. See details below. Learn More
  26. "Bubble Bowl" Mixed Seasonal Flowers

    When just an assorted mixed seasonal cut flowers designed in a natural like setting in a glass bubble bowl... Learn More
  27. Penelope Bistro Bouquet

    The magic is in the whole combination of fresh flowers and keepsake vase! Learn More
  28. Our Micanopy Bouquet

    Rich in color, texture and seasonal blooms, each one of our Micanopy bouquets are unique and hand-assembled just for your order! Learn More
  29. Florida Spring Artisan Bouquet

    This beautiful vase arrangement has global "artsy" feel... Learn More
  30. Orchid Bistro Bouquet

    What fun to add exotic fresh orchids to anyone's day! Learn More
  31. "Maggie Mae" Spring Vase

    Bright, beautiful colors always create the brightest smile! Learn More
  32. "Best of Eden" Bouquet

    This unique heavy ceramic vessel is designed with individual openings for the beautiful fresh floral stems to sit. Learn More
  33. "Dori" Bouquet

    The boundless energy of color will burst into the eyes of the beholder! Learn More
  34. My Chickadee Bouquet by Teleflora

    Guaranteed to make everyone smile! Learn More
  35. "Teal Meadows" Bouquet

    Collect rave reviews with a teal jardine glass mason jar... Learn More
  36. Craft Garden Collection

    So intriguing...So assorted with flowers! Learn More
  37. "Your Majesty" Floral Sensation

    Turn everyone's head with this majestic array of blooms artistically arranged in a flared specialty vase for maximum impact. Learn More
  38. "Long Boat Key" Bouquet

    Sometimes one bouquet comes along that's so perfect for that perfect sentimental message. Learn More
  39. "A Flowers-Gone-WildFlowers" Bouquet

    Amazingly perfect for that special someone who is WILD about the natural beauty of fields of soft delicate blooms! Learn More
  40. Best Bundle of Carnations Bouquet

    Artsy. Stylish. And so long lasting! Learn More
  41. "Addie" Bouquet

    And now for something amazingly wonderful... Learn More
  42. "Rebecca...of Sunny Lakeland" Urn Arrangement

    If this special someone's favorite color is all "bright colors"...then this is her gift. Learn More
  43. Dish Garden/Planter Sympathy Gift

    A lush greenery planter or dish garden is a beautiful gift that will provide lasting comfort in the months (even years) to come. Learn More
  44. Classic Springtime Anytime

    In the know all year-long with a profusion of flowers and greens that look just plucked from the garden. Learn More
  45. Our "Modern Hobo" Recycled Vase Arrangement

    Our unflappable commitment to keeping our Plant Earth beautiful made us purchase these eco-friendly vases made from 100% recycled material. Learn More
  46. Adirondack Bistro Bouquet

    This fresh floral bouquet is simply armchair candy! Learn More
  47. "Abigail" Bouquet

    Show "THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE" your love is unconditional too! Learn More
  48. "A Songbird Sonnet" Vase Arrangement

    When fresh spring flowers and an amazing keepsake French-inspired ceramic vase is in order... Learn More
  49. "Garden Party" Bouquet

    All year long this beautiful fresh flowered glass cube with a flair for sensational color will delight any gathering long or small - indoors or out - desk or dining room table. Learn More
  50. Our "Celebrate In Style" Bouquet

    This exotic orchid bouquet in a contemporary metal square container will visually say, 'it's great when something wonderful happens to someone so deserving.' Learn More
  51. A Tapestry of Color Bouquet

    Can't deny it...it's a cheery, colorful show-stopper! Learn More
  52. Our "Ice Cream Cone" Bouquet

    Mixing fun and flowers is what we do best! Send this giant ceramic ice cream cone (with ceramic spoon) filled with fresh flowers and enjoy smiles and smiles of smiles. $39.95, 49.95 and 59.95 Learn More
  53. Our "Boca Grande Rhapsody" Bouquet

    Triple-petaled excitement...three large King protea blooms are the essence of this amazing bouquet! Learn More
  54. Birdnest Basket

    A little birdie can sometimes say just enough. Learn More
  55. "A Kallista Wooden Vase" Arrangement

    Searching high and low for that one-of-a-kind floral gift? Learn More
  56. Our "Sweet 'n Petite" Bouquet

    It's simply "sweet and petite" and an ultra cool gift of random bright flowers! Learn More
  57. Bubbling Over Centerpiece

    This bubble bowl bouquet can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the color scheme you desire. Learn More
  58. Our "OVER THE RAINBOW" Bouquet

    This colorful LARGE BUBBLE BOWL of bright happy flowers is meant to bring nothing more than a rainbow of smiles to everyone's life! Learn More
  59. My Chickadee Bouquet by Teleflora

    Guaranteed to make everyone smile! Learn More
  60. Our "Simplicity" Vase

    Let this stunning mixed flower arrangement show your appreciation and thoughtfulness. Learn More
  61. Our "Blue Moon" Bouquet

    This stunning contemporary rich cobalt blue glass cube vase showcases bright spring flowers beautifully. Learn More
  62. Orange You Amazed Bouquet

    Many colors of the rainbow can make up this striking vase arrangement. Learn More
  63. Midnight Garden Bouquet

    Tour beautiful homes at night and you find an array of bouquets in urns and other large containers. Learn More
  64. Our "Orchid Sunset" Tower Arrangment

    Think of misted orchids at dusk...an essence assumed by elegant beauty and you have this 20" glass tower vase filled with one long-stem cymbidium orchid stem. Breathtaking and long admired. Learn More